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  • § 1 In General

    (1) This Sweepstakes is run by Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft, recorded in the Commercial Register under FN 96499 k, with its address at Werkstrasse 2, 4860 Lenzing, Austria and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as “Lenzing”)
    (2) Participation in the 12 days of Giving sweepstakes (hereinafter referred to as the “Sweepstakes”) on Instagram (tencel_europe) is free of charge and is subject to these Terms of Participation and all applicable mandatory laws and directives. The Sweepstakes is void where prohibited by law.
    (3) General questions regarding these provisions and/or this Sweepstakes can be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected]
    (4) By participating in the Sweepstakes, the Participant (“Participant,” “You”) accepts the following Terms of Participation and agrees to meet the following eligibility criteria. Lenzing is responsible for organization and processing as well as for providing or distributing the prizes.
    (5) This Sweepstakes is not affiliated with Facebook and is not sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook. By participating in the Sweepstakes, Participant completely releases Facebook from any liability related to this Sweepstakes. All questions, comments or complaints must be directed exclusively to Lenzing and not to Facebook. Lenzing releases Facebook from any and all liability claims related to the Sweepstakes. The recipient of the information provided by the Participant is Lenzing, not Facebook. The use of Facebook is subject to Facebook’s Terms of Use. Lenzing assumes no liability for any non-compliance with Facebook’s Terms of Use.
    (6) All references to persons and functions in the masculine form in these Terms of Participation also apply in the feminine form.
  • § 2 Eligibility to Participate

    (1) Participation in the Sweepstakes is open to persons who are at least 18 years of age. Persons who have not reached that age cannot participate.
    (2) Lenzing shall have no liability for Participants who are prohibited by law from participating in the Sweepstakes. Lenzing is not responsible if a Participant is physically or mentally unable to participate in the Sweepstakes.
    (3) Eligible to participate are natural persons with their primary residences in Europe.
    (4) Employees of Lenzing, Agentur LOOP New Media GmbH, and their immediate families, are not eligible to participate in the Sweepstakes.
    (5) This Sweepstakes is directed solely to consumers. A Participant can participate in the Sweepstakes multiple times. Only natural persons can participate in the Sweepstakes. Lenzing reserves the right to verify all information about the Participant.
    (6) Participation in the Sweepstakes does not depend on purchasing any goods or services. Doing so does not increase your chance of winning.
  • § 3 Prize

    (1) In the period from 1 to 24 December 2020 every second day clothing, shoes or home textiles from Lenzing's partner brands will be raffled. Each prize is valued at approximately € 120. Actual/appraised value may differ at the time of prize award.
    (2) Lenzing reserves the right to replace all prizes with other or similar prizes of the same or similar value. Any costs that may be incurred by the Participant in relation to the prize (such as the journey to the site of the Sweepstakes, accommodations, etc.) will not be assumed by Lenzing.
    (3) All prize winners may decline the prizes they have won, without stating the reasons.
    (4) To the extent permitted by law, all prizes are awarded “as is” and with no warranty of any kind, express or implied (including, without limitation, any implied warranty of satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose). National, regional and local taxes, including taxes associated with the receipt or use of prizes, are the sole responsibility of the prize winner and must be borne by him in full.
    (5) Prizes cannot be converted into cash or exchanged for other prizes.
    (6) Entitlement to the prize cannot be transferred.
    (7) The prize can also be retroactively canceled and/or reclaimed if it was obtained through manipulation or other violation of applicable laws, other legal provisions or these Terms of Participation.
    (8) If the prize winner does not contact Lenzing within 4 days, after being notified of the prize, his claim to the prize shall be forfeited without replacement. If a prize winner does not contact Lenzing, Lenzing reserves the right to draw the prize for an alternative winner. This will again be a random draw. If the prize cannot be delivered within the period indicated in the prize notification for reasons that are the responsibility of the prize winner, his claim to the prize shall likewise be forfeited without replacement.
  • § 4 Conduct of the Sweepstakes

    (1) Participation in the Sweepstakes is limited exclusively to the period from 10:00 a.m. CET on 02/12/2020 to 11:59 p.m. CET on 26/12/2020. There can be no participation outside of this time period.
    (2) To participate in the Sweepstakes, the Participant must like the page @tencel_europe and write a comment below the Seewpstakes posting on the Instagram tencel_europe page.
    (3) The Social Media Team will make a random draw and notify the prize winners by in the mentioned timeframe. The prize will be drawn from among all Participants who commented the posting. The odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.
    (4) The draw will not be public.
  • § 5 Acceptance of the Prize

    (1) Lenzing will notify the prize winner by sending a direct message regarding the prize. Entitlement to the prize shall be based solely on receipt of written notification of the prize.
    (2) The prize winner must accept the prize within 10 business days by sending Lenzing a private message on Instagram, or by replying to the notifying message, with his address, date of birth and full name. If the prize is not accepted within this period, entitlement to the prize will be forfeited.
    (3) The prize will be sent to the prize winner by regular mail. The prize will only be delivered to a delivery address in Europe.
    (4) The Participant is responsible for the accuracy of the data he provides.
  • § 6 Right to Change the Terms of Participation and Disqualification

    (1) Lenzing reserves the right to change the Terms of Participation and the Sweepstakes rules if proper conduct of the Sweepstakes cannot be guaranteed for technical reasons or on legal grounds. If the Sweepstakes is ended because of the acts of a Participant, Lenzing may claim the resulting damages from that person.
    (2) Lenzing reserves the right to exclude Participants for violations of these Terms of Participation, for uploading inappropriate content or using unauthorized aids or for other manipulations. In such cases, Lenzing may cancel the prizes and/or demand their return. Anyone who does not provide truthful personal information will also be disqualified.
  • § 7 Fairness, Malfunctions in the Process; Liability

    (1) The Participant hereby confirms that all personal information necessary for the Sweepstakes, which he has provided, is truthful, accurate and up to date.
    (2) The Participant warrants that his information contains no material that infringes the rights of third parties or reflects any political opinion, including data protection rights, publicity rights and intellectual property rights, brand names or trademarks – except those of Lenzing. The Participant is given limited permission to use the latter for the sole purpose of this Sweepstakes. The entries may not contain any copyrighted material which was not created by the Participant, unless the Participant holds the necessary rights, permissions and authorizations to use them. No material may be included that is offensive, inappropriate, obscene, hateful, prohibited by law, disparaging, defamatory or libelous. No material may be included that is unlawful and violates the laws or legal provisions of the jurisdiction where the entry was made or otherwise violates Facebook’s Terms of Use.
    (3) Lenzing reserves the right to interrupt or terminate the Sweepstakes at any time, with due consideration of the interests of the Participants, if technical reasons make proper continuation of the Sweepstakes impossible, if it is suspected that the game or the Lenzing Facebook fan page is being misused, or if the game is impermissible on legal grounds.
    (4) Lenzing reserves the right to exclude Participants from the Sweepstakes who manipulate or attempt to manipulate the participation process or the Sweepstakes and/or violate the Sweepstakes rules. This also applies to Participants who provide false personal information. If it is suspected that the comments are spam or are offensive or threatening or if a comment violates our Code of Conduct, Lenzing reserves the right to delete the relevant comment and exclude the sender from the Sweepstakes.
    (5) Lenzing does not guarantee that the Internet site on which the Sweepstakes is offered will function properly at all times. In particular, it does not guarantee that Lenzing’s Facebook fan page will not become overloaded. Lenzing is not responsible for lost, late, incomplete, inaccurate, undelivered, delayed, or misdirected entries.
    (6) Lenzing is only liable for damage caused by Lenzing or one of its agents through wrongful intent or gross negligence. This does not apply to bodily injury, loss of life or impairment of health.
  • § 8 Grant of Rights

    (1) Participant hereby grants Lenzing irrevocable, worldwide, unlimited, non-exclusive, transferrable, sublicenseable, unrestricted rights (unrestricted with respect to territory, time and purpose) to copy, distribute, transfer, publish, perform, and display all contributions and materials sent to Lenzing in an Instagram comment in connection with this Sweepstakes, including the Participant’s voice, image, photo, statements, biographical information, contributions, name and the like and all other content created by the Participant (collectively referred to as the “Entry Materials”), and to make, exploit or otherwise use works derived from it for any known or yet unknown type of use, without payment or notification of the Participant. The Participant waives any and all moral rights to the Entry Materials in favor of Lenzing.
  • § 9 Data Protection Policy

    (1) Information on how Lenzing collects, processes and stores personal data is available online at
    (2) Information on Facebook’s Privacy Policy can be found online at: 
    (3) Data protection questions can be addressed to the following contact point: 
    [email protected]
    (4) The winner’s personal data will be passed on the partner brands in the course of this Sweepstakes, as they will take care of shipping the prize.
  • § 10 Final Provisions

    (1) Upon distributing the prize, Lenzing is released from all its obligations.
    (2) Lenzing is not liable for any defects of quality and legal defects of the prize and any resulting consequences for the conduct of the Sweepstakes and prize fulfillment.
    (3) In addition, Lenzing is only liable for damage caused by wrongful intent or gross negligence. This does not apply to bodily injury, loss of life or impairment of health.
    (4) The above limitations of liability apply, in particular, to losses due to impairments of the availability of Facebook and associated platforms and websites, which are outside the control of Lenzing, such as technical faults that cannot be influenced by Lenzing and force majeure events, as well as third-party attacks on Instagram. Furthermore, Lenzing does not warrant that Facebook will function properly on the technical equipment used by the Participant.
    (5) By participating in the Sweepstakes, Participant agrees to release, discharge, and old harmless Lenzing, its respective affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, and other individuals engaged in the development or execution of this Sweepstakes, from any liability, claims, losses, and damages arising out of or relating to his participation in this Sweepstakes or the acceptance, use, misuse, pr possession of any prize received in this Sweepstakes.
    (6) Subject to any applicable mandatory laws, these Terms of Participation and the entire legal relationship between the Participants and Lenzing shall be subject exclusively to Austrian law and the courts with jurisdiction over the registered office of Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft.
    (7) If individual provisions of these Terms of Participation are or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining Terms of Participation. They shall be replaced with reasonable provisions that come closest to the economic objective of the invalid provisions.
    (8) Please contact [email protected], if you have any general questions in connection with these provisions and/or the Sweepstakes.
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